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What is Mouth Breathing?

For some people, they tend to have their mouth open a lot.  Some might have them open consciously, or unconsciously. But there is a term for this.  It’s called mouth breathing, and while some might end up feeling the repercussions, both in terms of teeth whitening and other issues, there is more to this than just having your mouth open a lot.
Essentially, mouth breathing is when you have your moth resting in an open position and not keeping it closed all the time.  some might also use this for breathing.  Typically, this is open mouth resting posture.  The natural way to breathe is with a closed mouth, inhaling and exhaling via the nose.  Some are aware of it, and some aren’t until told by a dentist.  Many adult patients are self-conscious about it, so some might not understand why it’s challenging for them to keep their lips together when they eat and speak. 
However, mouth breathing does create a few issues. And they can be of concern.  For example, if your mouth is open, your bra…